Have an upcoming special occasion? Celebrate with a sonnet!

Commission a 14-line Shakespeareance of your very own!  Celebrate a special day or a special person by gifting them a personalized Shakespearean sonnet, which I’ll record as a video or audio file (or both)!

I could also craft a limerick, or compose a ballad. Tell me what you’re looking for – I take requests!

(*All’s Well That Ends Well, III,1)

A movie is a mirror, it is said;
They’re magic: when you see them, them see you.
And whether Shakespeare’s seen or he is read,
Will’s closest equal is the MCU.

They’re tales of heroes, warriors, and kings,
And tragedies of honor amongst foes,
And mysteries of witches and such things
As how the Hulk explodes not all his clothes.

We learn alongside heroes as they fight;
We come of age as lovers are set free.
And Prince Hal learns (without a spider bite),
That great pow’r brings responsibility.

     As we reflect it isn’t hard to hear
     The Shakespeare echoes ringing loud and clear

(© 2021 Austin Tichenor)

I’ve so little reason to bitch;
My life is remarkably rich.

     But still I get sick
     When people say “Tick”
Instead of the actual “Tich”.

(© 2021 Austin Tichenor)

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